February 23rd, 2015, 4:30 pm

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Reply crossstitch, February 23rd, 2015, 4:39 pm

For all the sake that's Lunar Ney Year, I think I'm doing fine.

A lot has happened the past few weeks, and a lot of those times I wanted to break. However, I've just realized that the broken person always be fixed; it just takes time.

It's no surprise that I've been neglected for awhile. So many things were happening, and I only faded to the back ground. The person I could turn to doesn't want to hear it, and the person who wants to be turned to is hidden away by the person I thought I could talk normally with. My brother and my mother have already apologized to me, but it still hurts that my brother doesn't make any moves to fix it. It's sad, because I thought out of all the people, I could always talk to him.

It isn't the same anymore. This, I am sure. My brother had drove himself into a shell, never wanting to come out and say "Hi". We didn't talk for a long time.

Then I told him. I called him out. I cried. It doesn't do much, but he's trying. So I'm just fine.

My mom's gone back to my grandpa. He's getting better, so I hear, however, I can't call her because I have no phone to call her with, and my brother would glare at me and turn me to water if I ever so touch his phone.

I hope she's doing fine.

Anyway, for weeks I've been so lonely. So lonely that it had hurt deep deep in my chest. I felt physical pain at that time; still do whenever I think about it. I've untied these knots in my chest, and I've made amends.

I won't hold expectations for completed promises. For promises won't hold forever. I've accepted that sometimes I'll be alone sometimes, but I know I won't if I say it.

Overall, I'm doing just fine.

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