February 1st, 2015, 6:46 pm

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Reply crossstitch, February 1st, 2015, 7:01 pm


Okay, so, you know teachers? Yeah, those guys who teach you knowledge and help you go through school and junk. Let's talk about them.

Teachers are adults who gained a degree in teaching. Sometimes, as they age, they grow soft or they grow cold. Sometimes there are ones in between. They are also treated with little to no respect depending on their choices in calling out students.

A lot of people want me to be a teacher. But I don't want to because of the reasons right in front of me.

No one treats a teacher with respect who aren't ingrained to do so. No one treats a teacher like a PERSON rather than a TOOL for them to grade themselves. No one bothers to INTERACT with the teacher as a PERSON. It's sad, really.

Think about it, once you're out of school, not a lot of people thank their teachers for getting them to that point in their lives. Instead, they thank others. Instead, they do not remember their days with those teachers and replace them with their short-term friends. Teachers are lost in the wind.

It's not just kids though. It's society. Teachers are paid little compare to doctors, pharmacists, nurses, ECT. Even though they taught those to others in those occupations, they are still paid minimal. As a teacher, it's not required to enter in your own knowledge, only to see how much you can memorize and parrot it back to students. Being a teacher is not a joy. But I digress.

Going back to the treatment they get from students. Sometimes, it's well deserved as they show only the hard surface of their personalities. Most of the time, they're just trying to help. Yet they're met with curse, after curse, after joke, after joke. When they help, it's met with disgust. When they don't, they're met with betrayal. It's a complete lose-lose situation.

Just a penny for your thoughts. Have you ever treated a teacher with such disrespect? Here's the thing, if you did, you don't remember. You won't remember. Because teachers are the wind of a cold, winter day. It's unwanted and not rememberable.

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Reply bucketsofwhat, February 3rd, 2015, 9:20 pm

I completely understand why you wouldn't want to be a teacher, but they aren't 100% unappreciated. The most (positively) influential people in my life have been teachers, and I try to let them all know that.
In SO many ways teachers aren't given enough credit for their work nor are they paid enough to put up with half of what they do. I think what drives so many teachers today is the possibility of being able to touch that one student and perhaps change their life for the better.
Anyone who chooses to be a teacher has the chance to help a kid see the world in a new way. Even if they're able to do that for hundreds of students, they may not even receive a thank you from a single one.
Teachers are unrecognized and a bit unappreciated BUT can be some of the most influential people in the shaping of a young person's mind.
It takes a certain kind of patience to do such a job (patience that I personally don't have). Anyone who's a teacher I commend. Anyone who isn't, I commend too because they acknowledge that what it takes to be one is something they wouldn't want to deal with.

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