January 17th, 2015, 12:48 pm

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A lot of things have been happening and I haven't been able to record them down in this quaint little comic,

The past year; 2014, was a hell ride. I had expressed my sexuality towards my mother (the loving of both genders) and had gotten in a long debate upon it that lasted for a whole month. When we reconciled, my brother had shown a rebellious strike against her. On Chinese New Year no less.

I don't know for others, but for CNY, for my family, it was a time of gathering, where by tones would be by gones and we would start anew. However, with this, my mother had said my brother had cursed our family of bad karma. (It wasn't really serious, this I know)

Then it went downhill from there.

Within a span of three months after this incident, my father left my mother. In her state of vulnerability, my brother had added on the pressure as he continually exited the house to have fun elsewhere. Which left me to stitch up my mother's figurative wounds and give her assurance.

I spent the whole month attending to my mother and the house whereas my brother had no chains to hold him. So I was left alone the majority of the time.

Well, not alone. I had my pup for companionship. So I don't mind.

Later on, when school started up again, so did my father. It's funny enough, as it takes forever to get him out akin to school days. However he comes back as the fleeting sun.

None of us really minded. Well, my brother. Brother had showed the utmost disrespect towards an elder; he cursed them out. Of course, he had earned a back lashing.

Now forwarding to December, my brother had somewhat of a back lag of motivation. He had given up, so to speak. He had lied a multitude of times to hide this.

Now, he hides no more.

I am tired and I am confused to why I'm telling strangers over the internet this, but I am.

I am tired.

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